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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel proudly traces its ancestry back to the royal courts of England and to Blenheim Palace.

In Spain and Holland  'spaniel' type dogs were popular as 'comforters' or ladies dogs.

Charles the Second  'The Merry Monarch' was devoted to his dogs - almost to a point of addiction. They travelled everywhere with him and the sign 'Beware of the Dog' probably originated in his court, meaning not that they were dangerous, but rather 'don't tread on them' Contrary to popular belief they do not have free access to all Royal parks,palaces and public buildings in England; they  just behave as if they do. 

Life Span: 

Cavaliers average life span is between 10 to 15 years. When considering owning a Cavalier please realise that you will be caring for it for it's lifetime.

Size and Weight: 

Size varies but for the showring a Cavalier should weigh between 5.4 and 8 kilograms  (12 to 18 pounds)  There is no standard height 30 to 33 cms (12-13 ins) at the shoulder is about average.

Breed Personality:

Being energetic,active and most of all gentle and loving the Cavalier makes the perfect pet, but we must stress that  that these little spaniels belong with people.They are not dogs to be left alone or housed outside as they thrive on human contact.


Cavaliers come in four colours. 

BLENHEIM:          Rich Chestnut on a Pearly White ground.

TRICOLOUR:        Black and White with Tan markings over the eyes,on the cheeks inside the legs and on the underside of the tail.

BLACK AND TAN :  Raven Black with Tan markings as the Tricolour. 

RUBY:                 Whole colour rich Red with no white marking at all. 


Care Requirments:

Cavaliers do drop coat a brush and comb once or twice a week is sufficient to keep the coat free of tangles.Cavaliers have no road sense what so ever,so outside of thier well fenced property they should always be kept on a lead.Annual health checks and vaccinations are essential,as is regular worming.Your Veterinarian will advise of the dangers of heartworm and prescribe preventative measures. It should be noted that certain weeds,plants and grasses  might have adverse effects. 


Ideal Owner/s:

Suited to families or retired people Cavaliers will return years of loving pleasure.They are excellent with children, the aged and are compatable with other pets. Cavaliers are FAMILY DOGS and to exclude them from close human contact will break thier hearts.

















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