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The Chinese Crested Dog is thought to have originated in Africa and was transported along the 'silk road' to China.It is generally thought that travellers or Chinese seamen took the hairless dogs to the Americas in about the 15th or 16th  century AD.


The CCD is a lively and graceful member of the toy dog breeds.There are two varieties of CCD's - The Hairless and The Powder Puff.

The Hairless has a fine grained smooth skin that seems warm to the touch. Hairless have a crest of hair on thier heads,tufted feet and plumed tails. The Powder Puff has a soft silky coat called a veil.

Colour: All colours and colour combinations are acceptable.

Size:    Boys = 38-33 cm (11-!3ins)

           Girls = 23-30 cm (9-12ins)

Weight varies considerably,but should not excede 5.5 kgs (12lbs)


Temperament:  A happy and animated dog that needs lots of personal interaction with its owner.These agile little dogs are very good climbers and can even grip objects with thier paws. This breed loves thier owners and gets along with OLDER children and other pets.


The Hairless needs regular baths,moisturisers and sunblock the Powder Puff needs regular brushing and bathing. 


Life expectancy of this breed is around 13-15 yrs  and is generally very healthy.The Hairless has soft teeth so early tooth loss can be expected.Cresteds sunburn easily and become susceptable to skin cancer.  











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